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Hiring a Skilled Divorce Attorney in Idaho

What a Competent Divorce Attorney Can Do for You

A competent divorce attorney brings much more to the table than just knowledge of Idaho’s family law. They have the experience to anticipate potential problems and navigate through them strategically.

They can offer advice tailored to your unique situation, help you understand your rights, guide you in making informed decisions, and represent your best interests in court. Moreover, they shoulder the burden of paperwork and legal procedures, leaving you with more time and energy to focus on your personal well-being and the needs of your family during this challenging time.

Why Expert Legal Representation Is Worth the Cost

While the cost of a skilled divorce attorney may seem high initially, it is crucial to see it as an investment in your future. A knowledgeable Idaho divorce lawyer can help you secure a fair division of assets, navigate child custody issues effectively, and advocate for suitable spousal support (aka spousal maintenance) or child support arrangements. They can also help to determine:

  • Is Idaho a no fault divorce state? If so, what are the benefits of no fault divorces and is it right for me?
  • After I get divorced, can I move out of the state or area?
  • Is an uncontested divorce available or will I be looking at a contested divorce?
  • Will divorce mediation help?
  • Is my case an average divorce, or will it be complex and take a while?

They can foresee and mitigate risks that might end up costing you more if not adequately addressed. When we factor in the financial, emotional, and time-related costs that an experienced Idaho divorce lawyer can save you, the value of their service often far surpasses their fee.

Although many attorneys charge different rates for divorces, there are some average divorce costs that cannot be escaped. There are filing fees that must be paid. The filing fee for the one spouse that files first is $207.00. The spouse that is deemed the Respondent (because they didn’t file first) is $136.00. That is only the court fees. On top of that, you may still have to pay a process server or the local law enforcement agency to serve the divorce papers on your spouse.

If you make the smart decision and hire an attorney, the attorney fees will be an expense you should invest in. There are some attorneys that charge bargain basement rates, but then again with those attorneys, you should expect bargain basement results. When your minor children and future are at stake, it is not advisable to go with the cheapest solution.

If you are looking for the cheapest Idaho divorce attorney in town, we are probably not the right fit for you. Our law firm has elite divorce lawyers that command the high price. Our results speak for themselves. In the past, we have gotten fathers sole legal and physical custody, got a wife 100% of the equity in her house when the common expectation is 50/50, and successfully argued that a child should be able to move with our client to another state.

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