Is Your Ex Going To Get Everything? Do You Have a Leg to Stand On? Worried About Who Is Going To Get Your Kids? Your Property?

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What Will Happen To Your Children

When child custody matters are at issue, there are not only immediate concerns with your kids' safety, school choice, living situation, custody arrangement, whether they may be removed from the Boise ID or the state in general, and many other concerns.

Idaho family law related to child custody is complex and has a lot of moving parts. This can be tempered if you are going through a no fault divorce, but there are still concerns that you should address with divorce lawyers nearby. Divorce lawyers in Boise ID will be able to help you navigate the process.

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Let's face it, going through a divorce is not an easy task even when it is simple. However, when these things are at Risk:

  • The child custody and safety involved for your minor children
  • A significant number of assets that you have worked your whole for
  • The prospect of paying your ex a large amount of money in spousal support for a long time
  • Being forced out of your home
  • Your Ex lying to the Court just to get a Civil Protection Order to use against you in court stating that you are an abuser and committed domestic violence (we see this all the time)
The stakes get even higher and you have more to lose.

What Will Happen To Your Children

When child custody is at issue, there are not only immediate concerns with your kids' safety, school choice, living situation, custody arrangement, whether they may be removed from the Boise ID or the state in general, and many other concerns, but you also have to think about the near and far future.

This can have an emotional and financial toll on the hardiest of parents.

Going through the divorce proceedings or other family law matters, you must make a decision on not only what you want as far as the custody arrangement goes, but also where you want yourself and the minor children to be in the future.

This can be extremely difficult without legal representation.

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Is Your Kids' Future At Stake?

When I say the future, I mean, you must ask yourself, do you want to raise the children so that you can instill your work ethic, values, and parenting on your children, or do you think that your ex is capable of instilling those values on your kids after the divorce process is complete?

The is what you must decide in your family law case. Making those decisions without consulting with divorce lawyers in Boise ID is not recommended.

The decisions that you make during the divorce proceedings will all have an impact on that. If you are not awarded the custody arrangement that you want so that you have the opportunity to prepare your minor children for the future, you may not have a chance in the future.

Want To Change Child Custody In The Future, Not So Fast

You may be stuck with the child custody plan that is either awarded by the court or that you have agreed to with your Ex Spouse. Child custody matters are somewhat difficult if you do not have the right evidence to present to the court or if you do not fill out the paperwork correctly. Even slight errors have led to child custody cases being thrown out entirely and resulted in being on the hook for the other parent’s attorney fees. 

This is why it is so important to retain the legal services of a divorce attorney in Boise ID.

Once the child custody is put in place, you can only change that plan through post divorce modifications. These are not the easiest family law issues to work through especially if you do not hire divorce attorneys for legal guidance.

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What You Have To Show To Make A Change

The legal process is not exactly easy; its rather complex. In order to change a child custody arrangement (and child support), you have to show the court that there has been material, substantial, and permanent change in circumstances.

This is a high burden. Further, the fact that the kids’ want to live with you rather than your ex is not enough to meet that burden. There has to be something more.

Not only do you have to have something more than that, you have to ensure that you are following all of the rules, statutes, and law from prior Idaho Supreme Court family law cases that the best divorce lawyers handle day in and day out or you face your claims getting denied or your case getting dismissed altogether.

What Are You Going To Be Paying In Child Support

The amount of child custody you get awarded with your kids in the divorce will have a direct impact on how much you will be paying in child support.

The biggest factors that come into play in the child support determination is how much both of the parents make a year and how many overnights they are awarded.

So, in addition to getting your child custody right, your child support amount may be a big legal issue that you will face during the divorce process in Boise ID or elsewhere in the treasure valley.

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Get It Right The First Time

All of the above is said to make a simple point: get your child custody and child support decisions and determinations right the first time because it is not easy to change once it is set in stone and the divorce process is over.

This goes not only for divorces with contested issues, but for uncontested divorces as well.

Child Custody Arrangement

Will You Have To Pay Spousal Support(Alimony) Forever?

Contrary to popular belief, judges in Boise ID will order one spouse to pay spousal support to the other. This can be in addition to child support and if you do not have an aggressive divorce attorney, you may be facing alimony and getting the short end of the stick when it comes to property division.

You see, when the court is going to review spousal support, they also review the same factors regarding an unequal property division of the marital assets.

So, if you are not careful and seek the proper legal counsel, you may be stuck with 20% of the property, a child custody arrangement you do not want which results in a high child support amount, and stuck with paying one spouse thousands of dollars a month for years.

The court and the judge do have the follow the rules when deciding family law matters, but they have pretty wide discretion when it comes to ordering spousal support. Once the decision has been made, it is almost impossible to change the consequences of what has been set in stone.

Facing A Military Divorce While You Are In The Air Force?

Although we are located in Meridian and Boise ID, we regularly handle the military divorce for airmen in Mountain Home.

The founder of our law firm is an Air Force Military Veteran and was stationed in Mountain Home during his active duty service before he decided that he had a passion for family law and went to law school.

Our law firm understands the specific legal needs of military members and has the legal experience to properly understand what is at stake.

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We Are Not Bargain Basement Divorce Lawyers

If you are looking for the cheapest family law attorney in Boise ID or the treasure valley, we are not it.

When you are searching for an attorney for your divorce, please keep in mind, you get what you pay for. If cost is one of the concerns that you have, we completely understand. However, the cheapest option rarely gets the best possible results.

There are attorneys out there that take divorce cases on the cheap. If you meet with one of those lawyers, make sure you ask the right questions like:

1) do you specialize in divorce cases or do you take anything that walks in the door?, 2) how much support staff do you have as that will bear directly on the time the cheap lawyer actually has to devote to your case (if its a one person band, they are doing the work of the receptionist, billing specialist, legal assistant, salesperson, paralegal, administrator of their business, and countless other hats a business owner has to wear), 3) how many trials have you completed, 4) have you been subject to discipline by the state bar, 5) what other practice areas do you accept cases for, etc.

If you choose our law firm to handle your case, understand that the divorce attorney that is handling your case 1) is aggressive as needed, 2) specializes in family law, 3) the only job they have is to prosecute your Boise divorce, 4) they have the support staff to focus on your case strategy, and among other things, 5) understands what it takes to get the best possible results for you and your family.

What You Will Get Out Of A Consultation

Whether you will be the filing spouse or not, our divorce lawyers in Boise ID will be able to determine, at a very early stage, your chances and our opinion on the likely outcome of the divorce proceedings. At the consultation, you will meet with our client engagement specialist.

The specialist will be able to review your situation, and determine if we are a good fit to work with one of or divorce lawyers to iron out your legal issues. Sometimes, people ask why you are not meeting with a divorce attorney at the first meeting. The answer is simple, the divorce attorneys at our law firm are busy working on the legal issues of our current clients. 

If you are meeting with attorneys that are offering free consultations, you have to ask, how would this affect that divorce lawyers’ family law cases. If the attorney is spending all day doing free consultations, are they the best lawyers to handle my case and get the best possible outcome?

If you meet with another law firm, and they are doing a free consultation, you have to ask yourself, if I hire this firm, will the divorce lawyer actually be working on my case, or will he or she be wasting all of their time in consultations. There are only so many hours in the day, will the divorce lawyer that offers a free consultation in Boise ID be able to actually give my case the attention it deserves or will he or she be spending a majority of their time meeting with prospective new clients.

That is why we offer a consultations with our client engagement specialist. There is an option for a paid consultation with one of our lawyers in Boise, ID. This ensures that our lawyers focus on their divorce cases to get the best possible outcomes for our current clients. It is a hard fight when your legal rights are at stake. 

We understand that your child custody, spousal support, and property division issues are important. We take your Idaho divorce and parental rights seriously and keep your best interests top of mind. 

So, the divorce lawyer that is handling your case is focused on what is important, you and your family’s future.

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