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What Will Happen To Your Children

When child custody is at issue, there are not only immediate concerns with your kids' safety, school choice, living situation, custody arrangement, whether they may be removed from the Boise ID or the state in general, and many other concerns, but you also have to think about the near and far future. This can have an emotional and financial toll on the hardiest of parents.

Going through the divorce proceedings or other family law matters, you must make a decision on not only what you want as far as the custody arrangement goes, but also where you want yourself and the minor children to be in the future. This can be extremely difficult without legal representation.

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Get It Right The First Time

All of the above is said to make a simple point: get your child custody and child support decisions and determinations right the first time because it is not easy to change once it is set in stone and the divorce process is over. This goes not only for divorces with contested issues, but for uncontested divorces as well.

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We Are Not Bargain Basement Divorce Lawyers

If you are looking for the cheapest family law attorney in Boise ID or the treasure valley, we are not it.

When you are searching for an attorney for your divorce, please keep in mind, you get what you pay for. If cost is one of the concerns that you have, we completely understand. However, the cheapest option rarely gets the best possible results.

There are attorneys out there that take divorce cases on the cheap. If you meet with one of those lawyers, make sure you ask the right questions like:

1) do you specialize in divorce cases or do you take anything that walks in the door?, 2) how much support staff do you have as that will bear directly on the time the cheap lawyer actually has to devote to your case (if its a one person band, they are doing the work of the receptionist, billing specialist, legal assistant, salesperson, paralegal, administrator of their business, and countless other hats a business owner has to wear), 3) how many trials have you completed, 4) have you been subject to discipline by the state bar, etc.

If you choose our law firm to handle your case, understand that the divorce attorney that is handling your case 1) is aggressive as needed, 2) specializes in family law, 3) the only job they have is to prosecute your Boise divorce, 4) they have the support staff to focus on your case strategy, and among other things, 5) understands what it takes to get the best possible results for you and your family.

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